[Grok-dev] a grok.getApplication() implementation

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Fri Nov 27 20:25:12 EST 2009

On Nov 26, 10:18 pm, Christian Theune <c... at gocept.com> wrote:
> > Not sure if there is a better way to do this?
> There already is an implementation that acquires the application from a
> view to return its URL.
> In my projects I tend to complement that implementation with the same
> algorithm that just returns the object instead of getting the URL.

Yeah, I would like something which returns the actual application
object, and not just it's URL. And I'd like to be able to call it
outside of a view.

I see that Jan-Wijbrand "Viewish" refactoring has just moved
application_url into grok.util.application_url (leaving the original
View method in place but just delegating to the util). So then you
could have symmetry here by making a grok.util.application function
instead of a grok.getApplication function. This would probably make
more sense if people wanted to have a View.application() method to be
symmetrical with View.application_url().

Having a `grok.util.application(context)` function wouldn't be too
bad, it does make the call more explicit as to where it's finding the
application from, as opposed to how grok.getSite() or a
grok.getApplication() appear to come from thin-air.

I'm not too fussy on any of these choices, but I would like an easy
way to get to the application object itself within Grok.

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