[Grok-dev] test isolation, grok droppings

Jonathan Ballet jonathan.ballet at securactive.net
Thu Oct 1 10:29:10 EDT 2009

Hi Reinout,

On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 3:24 PM, Reinout van Rees <reinout at vanrees.org> wrote:
> I probably still missed some requirements for this bug to surface (like
> probably alphabetic order of the module names).

We found some weird bugs with the new release of z3c.testsetup too,
but I didn't took the time to actually try to isolate the problem.
In most cases, everything is OK, but launching our big tests suite
throw some ForbiddenAttribute errors and other things we didn't have
before with <0.5 (and launching those failing tests one by one doesn't
show the problem).

I hope to have more time to see what's happening, but currently, we
stick we our internal release (0.4 + my patch which have been
integrated in 0.5).



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