[Grok-dev] Unauthorized, but only on the upgraded Grok project

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Sun Oct 4 07:40:06 EDT 2009

I created a project with

   grok = 1.0a4

and it works well. Now I have deployed the same project with a fresh

   grok = 1.0b2

and I am getting [Unauthorized]. When I am trying to log in through my  
custom login view. I can reach the login view but [Unauthorized] seems  
to be thrown when I post my login data. I read the comment on
   <grant permission="zope.View" principal="zope.Anybody" />
but I am under the impression that this isn't related to my problem.

I am not getting any entries in access.log, and obviously no errors,  
so I don't really know how to track down this problem. Especially  
since it works fine in my development setup.

I can't reach any other views of my app except the login view. This is  
the login code.

class Login(grok.View):
     title = 'Logga in'

     referer = None

     def update(self, login_submit=None, login=None):
         # XXX: need to display some kind of feedback when the login  
         self.the_url, self.the_args = self.get_url_and_args()
         if (not  
             and login_submit is not None):
             destination = self.request.get('referer')
             if not destination:
                 destination = self.url(grok.getSite()) + '/default/ 
                 destination = unquote(destination)
             if self.the_args.has_key('camefrom'):
                 self.referer = self.the_args['camefrom']

Any ideas?

Mvh Sebastian

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