[Grok-dev] post 1.0 Grok development wishlist

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Tue Oct 6 13:25:30 EDT 2009

Hi there,

In the hope of prompting some discussions and development activity, here 
is a list of post 1.0 Grok wishlist items I have or know about:

* Martian 0.12 porting. Martian 0.12 has a better story about how 
inheritance and grok directives interact, and we want Grok to use this. 
We made quite a bit of progress on this during the sprint, but the 
porting isn't completed yet.

* related to this, grokcore.view refactoring so that templatedir() and 
template() behave more predictably.

* related to this, exploring a step towards more explicit directives, 
less implicit rules. We could experiment with a megrok.explicit 
extension which requires a lot more directives to be present.

* the new grokui.admin, which is a lot more pluggable and hopefully will 
lead to the creation of all sorts of plugins (introspector is one, 
application configuration screens could be another).

* ZTK integration. Grok and grokcore.* should use the ZTK packages, not 
Zope 3.4 anymore.

* Python 2.6 support. The ZTK integration will help a lot.

* megrok.layout integration. Look into integrating megrok.layout 
functionality into the Grok core. This would require some discussion on 
megrok.layout to see what shape this integration could best be like.

* z3c.hashedresource and hurry.resource integration. Some work was done 
at the sprint to explore this.

* declarative model-level security decorators/directives, for the case 
where Grok's "view-only" security system isn't enough and security 
proxies are desired.

Anything else? Please discuss! Volunteers who want to work on this?



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