[Grok-dev] post 1.0 Grok development wishlist

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed Oct 7 15:41:46 EDT 2009

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman wrote:
> Martijn Faassen wrote:
>> * related to this, exploring a step towards more explicit directives, 
>> less implicit rules. We could experiment with a megrok.explicit 
>> extension which requires a lot more directives to be present.
> This is a ball that we at THA can pick up, as we're quite explicit 
> about, uhm, explicitly using the directives. We already have a small 
> megrok.strictrequire package that does this for the grok.require() 
> directive.

Yes, I'm hoping we can go further this way, offering this as an 
extension. Then if we like more explicitness, carefully fold it into Grok.

>> * ZTK integration. Grok and grokcore.* should use the ZTK packages, not 
>> Zope 3.4 anymore.
>> * Python 2.6 support. The ZTK integration will help a lot.
> At the very least Jan-Jaap's (and others'!) work on the grok and zope 
> buildbots can facilitate in this. See:
>    http://dev.thehealthagency.com/buildbot/

Yes, that is a big improvement indeed!

This dummy also hopes we can also find an "reading and using the Grok 
buildbot for dummies" document on grok.zope.org sometime soon. :)

>> * megrok.layout integration. Look into integrating megrok.layout 
>> functionality into the Grok core. This would require some discussion on 
>> megrok.layout to see what shape this integration could best be like.
> Also something that could interest us at THA.

It looks like we're starting to use this in one of my customer apps too.

>> * z3c.hashedresource and hurry.resource integration. Some work was done 
>> at the sprint to explore this.
> Idem.

Yeah, I want to get this going myself too. :)

>> * declarative model-level security decorators/directives, for the case 
>> where Grok's "view-only" security system isn't enough and security 
>> proxies are desired.
> Idem.

This is mostly on your plate (and whoever else wants to drive this). I'm 
happy to assist talking through the design and implementation, but 
actually implementing it and testing it will be largely done by someone 



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