[Grok-dev] Problem with packages containing views

Stefano Borini stefano.borini at ferrara.linux.it
Wed Oct 7 18:27:16 EDT 2009

Hi all. I am just at the beginning, so my experience with grok is limited.

I managed to successfully have a views.py file containing grok.View 
classes, as well as a views_templates directory. Everything works 
smoothly and perfectly.

Unfortunately, the views.py module is growing too much. As a result, I 
decided to convert the module into a package, and divide the file Views. 
I did

- created views directory
- copied views.py into views/__init__.py
- removed views.pyc
- moved views_templates into views/templates
- added grok.templatedir("templates") into views/__init__.py (first 
lines, right after import grok)

however, grok fails to find the templates for my views. What am I doing 

Thank you for your help


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