[Grok-dev] Help on functional doctest for List component

Kris Degryse Kris.Degryse at traficon.com
Thu Oct 8 09:17:38 EDT 2009


I'm having a problem with writing a functional doctest for a List control item.

How can I make a selection for the "to" selection box? The List component is displayed in a browser as several widgets (two selection boxes and four buttons). Because javascript code is behind the buttons, it is impossible to simulate a click on one of those four buttons.

Functional doctest should look like this:
   >>> browser.getControl(name='form.data_types.from').getControl('Item').selected = True
  >>> Here I want to simulate the onclick event of the " ->" button next to the selection so it moves to the "from" box, but how?

Or is there another way to make the selection for the "from" box?

Best regards,

Kris Degryse
R&D Test Engineer

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