[Grok-dev] Viewlets template inheritance broken if in another package?

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 10:03:27 EDT 2009

Mikko Ohtamaa_ wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using five.grok to cook up some viewlets.
> I'd like to make viewlets reusable, so that other *packages* should subclass
> them.
> foo.package1
> foo.package1/templates/head.pt
> class HeadViewlet(grok.Viewlet):
>    grok.template("head")
> bar.package2
> (no templates)
> from foo.package1 import HeadViewlet
> class HeadViewlet2(HeadViewlet):
>     pass
> However, looks like Grok doesn't liket the idea. 
> - Grok assumes templates are under "templates" which in my case happens to
> be Python package of the parent class. Grok does not look templates from
> there, but assumes bar.package2/templates which does not exist.
> - I cannot specify absolute templatedir (only relative paths allowed) with
> grok.templatedir() to force to use parent class template path
> Is there any other solution than just copying the same template around to
> every package?

This template inheritance issue is in the process of being fixed in 
martian, grokcore.component and grokcore.view.

It is a nasty problem and indeed until it is fixed we need to copy 
template files around. Souheil's solution kind of works arround it.

sorry for the inconvenience

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