[Grok-dev] Dolmen and its releases

Souheil CHELFOUH trollfot at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 07:30:46 EDT 2009

Hello grokkers !

I've been very busy this week releasing all the things I was keeping
on a code server, rotting alone.
Here are the releases of the week ! I hope you'll take time ti have a
look. They are very close from megrok packages, the only difference is
: they have been coded as a part of a common base, for the Dolmen
project and they are entwined.

For those still foreign to the Dolmen Project, it's a collection of
packages to build applications using Grok.
http://gitweb.dolmen-project.org  -
http://snappy.dolmen-project.org:8080/snappy-demo  (demo application
using Dolmen)


A Zope3/Grok File Representation package.
dolmen.file is a layer above zope.app.file.file.File, adding a notion
of filename, missing in the original implementation.

Dolmen zodb blob handlers (using ZODB >= 3.9.2)
dolmen.blob is a layer above dolmen.file, using the ZODB blobs as a
storage facility. It respects the zope.app.file IFile and the
dolmen.file INamedFile interfaces.

Dolmen pluggable and delegated storage
dolmen.storage defines a clear high-level API to deal with pluggable
storage components.

Dolmen relations
dolmen.relations is a thin layer above zc.relation, allowing a simple
and straightforward implementation of standalone relationships between

Dolmen thumbnailing library
dolmen.thumbnailer is package specialized in Thumbnail generation.
Using the dolmen.storage mechanisms, it allows a pluggable and
flexible thumbnail storage.

File widget for z3c.form, using Grok
dolmen.widget.file is a package that walks hand-in-hand with
dolmen.file. It provides a useable and pluggable way to render the
dolmen.file.FileField in a z3c.form.Form, using Grok (through

Image widget (with thumbnails) for z3c.form, using Grok
dolmen.widget.image is a thin layer above dolmen.widget.file providing
a widget suitable to fields implementing IImageField. It adds, thanks
to dolmen.thumbnailer a preview of the uploaded image in both input
and display mode.

We have also released the first version of megrok.z3cform.base, used
in the project

PS : please, let me know if you have any opinions/remarks/wishes/insults

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