[Grok-dev] Cannot easyinstall grokproject

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Mon Sep 7 07:17:56 EDT 2009

Hi Milind,

Milind Khadilkar wrote:

> I successfully (but reluctantly) installed grokproject on the
> installed python (i.e. without the virtual environment). I wonder what
> will break with my other python/zope applications.

Hm, difficult to guess. From my limited experience Grok (and Zope in
general) won't block other Python code, but the other way round could be
a problem. So, if it works without virtualenv for you I'd say you can go
with it.

> The Python I am using is the MS Windows installable version 2.5.4

Using the MSI? Okay, I have the same version running here.

Milind, it would really be helpful if you could post the output of the
following commands. No one can help you, if we do not know the paths

Most probably there is a DLL missing, but only in your virtualenv, which
is strange. If there are any other Python versions installed on your
system: are you sure, you created the virtualenv for the freshly
installed Python2.5 (you can use virtualenvs '-p' option for this)?

Then: what is the path to your working _socket module? In my install it

  C:\> Python25\python.exe
  >>> import _socket
  >>> _socket.__file__

When you activate your virtualenv, what does sys.path give? Here it
looks like this:

   C:\> sandbox_clean25\scripts\activate.bat
   (SANDBO~2) C:\> python
   >>> import sys
   >>> sys.path
   [..., 'C:\\Python25\\DLLs', ...]

Best regards,


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