[Grok-dev] Grok & the lack of good documentation

Timo Stollenwerk lists at zmag.de
Wed Sep 9 09:17:06 EDT 2009

Wichert Akkerman schrieb:
>> http://grok.zope.org/@@markup-controlpanel
>> seem to be not working.
> Not working in what manner?

I get a 401: "We're sorry, but that page doesn't exist… "

It's a little weird, because some control panels are working (e.g
add/remove products, visual editor) and some are not (e.g. maintenance,

> 3.0.5 is quite old - Plone has had 14 (by tomorrow 15) releases (not
> including pre-releases) since 3.0.5 was released in January 2008,
> including a few security fixes. I can highly recommend updating to the
> current release.

Yeah. Right, I volunteer to do the upgrade.


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