[Grok-dev] Copying a grok installation to another machine

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Wed Sep 9 10:10:01 EDT 2009

Hi Sebastian,

Sebastian Ware wrote:

> I might have an old grokproject on my dev machine because I found a  
> hardcoded absolute path in bin/buildout.

We all have 'hardcoded' paths in bin/buildout (at least I think so).
Even with the newest grok/grokproject. But the bin/buildout script is
recreated with values from your very local system when running:

  $ my-python-to-use-with-grok bootstrap.py

in your grokproject. If you do not have bootstrap.py installed in your
project root (grokproject should have generated one), you can get it


(or, if you host your project on SVN, you might add an external
reference to the bootstrap dir:


which will generate bootstrap/bootstrap.py in your local project root)

So after copying a project from one machine to another, at least these
_both_ steps are required:

  1) run 'python bootstrap.py' *and*

  2) run 'bin/buildout' afterwards.

Best regards,


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