[Grok-dev] tutorial crashes at 'grokproject Sample'

Jean Daniel jeandaniel.browne at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 06:26:22 EDT 2009

The same steps, on the stable Ubuntu 9.04, yield a problem, the
package python2.5-dev is missing: compilation of zope.security can't
be done.

I think all newbie will fall for this one while all experienced python
developers will never notice the problem. I installed the python2.5
-dev package and it seems better but maybe zope modules other than
zope.security require the Python.h headers too. Now that the Python.h
headers are installed on my system, I can't say easily.

I think this is a bug:

1. either in the tutorial which should be modified to make the user
install the python2.5-dev package (berk),

2. or in grokproject which omit the dependency (can buildout install
python headers?),

3. or in zope.security which seems not to be distributed as a binary,

4. or in Grok's plan which does not support distribution packages.

About 4., I know everyone will not agree and it is a difficult one
indeed. Buildout is good but, at this time, only supports some
application in one language. Administrators integrating not just Web
application but streamlining server appliance are outside the scope as
buildout does not package most of the other tools which can be Varnish
or Postgresql but also Pacemaker, Net-snmp, Gstreamer, shared
libraries or kernel modules.

Nicolas Chauvat does a better job at explaining the problem of
maintaining servers in production :

There is a python policy for debs, Rick Spencer's Quickly templates
handle deb package bootstrapping and Launchpad generates deb
repositories. Since we all have so much free time, we should od just

Anyway, got to go, there is a webserver now saying "serving on",  I have an exciting tutorial to finish,


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