[Grok-dev] using zope.testbrowser to test for Unauthorized exceptions and updated zope.publisher with IReRaise exception support

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 09:05:07 EDT 2009

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman wrote:
> A couple of thoughts:
> * This should be part of the upgrade notes.
> * The IReRaise adapter is now registered in the configure.zcml of Grok.
> I wonder if it instead shouldn't be registered in the wsgi-specific 
> grokcore.startup.startup.application_factory. Maybe even only for the 
> cases where we want to debug. In all other cases then (during testing, 
> non-wsgi deployment, using the deploy.ini profile for paste serve), the 
> error raising works as expected.

Following this line of thought:

This could be implemented by having a something like a 
"debug_application_factory()" function in grokcore.startup that would 
just after setting up the application register the IReRaise adapter for 

I can even imagine actually configuring what exceptions not to reraise 
from the debug.ini file somehow, to make this more readable/findable.

Again, this would make all other deployments and testing situations 
behave "normally" and only when using the exception middleware do 
something different. I'd prefer that, now that I'm working with it.


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