[Grok-dev] Make dependency on infrae.subversion optional in z3c.recipe.compattest?

Jonathan Ballet jonathan.ballet at securactive.net
Fri Sep 25 07:49:50 EDT 2009


we are currently using z3c.recipe.compattest in our packages, which
are managed with Mercurial. This means that the current feature of
z3c.recipe.compattest which allows to find package in a Subversion
repository and so on, is currently not very interesting for us. It
also means more package installed (infrae.subversion and its
dependencies), which should, ideally not be their.

So, I wondered if a patch which would make infrae.subversion an extra
requirements to z3c.recipe.compattest (with corresponding code change)
would be accepted by maintainers of this package? If so, I'm willing
to make such change and to send a patch (in fact, I already started to
work on this, but as I'm not sure this will be accepted, I just ask).



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