[Grok-dev] Make dependency on infrae.subversion optional in z3c.recipe.compattest?

Wolfgang Schnerring wosc at wosc.de
Wed Sep 30 02:02:29 EDT 2009


* Jonathan Ballet <jonathan.ballet at securactive.net> [2009-09-25 13:49]:
> we are currently using z3c.recipe.compattest in our packages, which
> are managed with Mercurial. This means that the current feature of
> z3c.recipe.compattest which allows to find package in a Subversion
> repository and so on, is currently not very interesting for us. It
> also means more package installed (infrae.subversion and its
> dependencies), which should, ideally not be their.
> So, I wondered if a patch which would make infrae.subversion an extra
> requirements to z3c.recipe.compattest

I'm not a fan of extras_require (except for testing dependencies), and
to be honest, in a world of buildout, I don't really buy the "but that
dependency is superfluous for me" argument on its own, since the
"penalty" for not using the feature is about 500KB of disk space.

That said, I'm not convinced this "use a svn checkout" feature is all
that useful anymore (even though I co-wrote it ;). 
In the context of the ZTK, one is working from a fixed set of versions,
and I'd think only touching at most a few packages at the same time.
There, you'll want to control the checkout locations yourself (since
you'll be editing those files), and not have them checked out
automatically and hidden away somewhere.

Summary: I'd rather not use an extras_require, but I'll take a hard look
at the subversion feature, whether it is actually useful or not.


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