[Grok-dev] Session based auth in Grok 1.1rc1

Jeffrey D Peterson bgpete at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 18:21:20 EDT 2010

Yeah, I guess I wasn't very clear.  Knowing you have to include these and
moreover having to include these at all seems counter to the way things are
generally done in Grok.  I guess I am surprised it's not just grokked along
with everything else. But if I must, I must. 

Is this due to it being a release candidate and not a full on release?


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> There is a line in zope.pluggableauth's configure.zcml for registering
> those adapters:
>   <include file="principalfactories.zcml" />
> This file then simply has:
>   <adapter factory=".factories.FoundPrincipalFactory" />
>   <adapter factory=".factories.AuthenticatedPrincipalFactory" />
> So why aren't those adapters being registered? Is there a problem with
> using the file attribute with an include directive in ZCML with eggs
> where it gets silently ignored? Anyone with a bit more zcml-fu got an
> idea?
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