[Grok-dev] Session based auth in Grok 1.1rc1

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Wed Apr 7 20:21:17 EDT 2010

On Apr 7, 3:21 pm, "Jeffrey D Peterson" <bgp... at gmail.com> wrote:
> Yeah, I guess I wasn't very clear.  Knowing you have to include these and
> moreover having to include these at all seems counter to the way things are
> generally done in Grok.  I guess I am surprised it's not just grokked along
> with everything else. But if I must, I must.
> Is this due to it being a release candidate and not a full on release?

Grok only groks your own packages. For packages included with Grok,
such as zope.pluggableauth, there is no grokking that takes place -
all of that configuration is loaded explicitly through ZCML. This is
because historically Zope 3 began life as a ZCML-only creation, and
those Zope Toolkit packages which Grok uses continue to be used by
ZCML-only projects, such as existing Zope 3 apps or BlueBream.

As for why the configuration isn't loaded with everything else - this
is a bug with 1.1rc1, the previous 1.1 releases didn't use
zope.pluggableauth, that changeover was recently introduced in 1.1rc1.

The zope.pluggableauth package wasn't listed in the install_requires
for the grok package. It was getting included as part of the
versions.cfg for Grok, so the code was being installed. However, the
z3c.autoinclude package, which Grok uses to automatically include all
configure.zcml configuration in all packages specified in the
install_requires dependencies wasn't being triggered to include the
zope.pluggableauth configuration, since it wasn't listed. (previously,
in Zope 3, people had to manually update ZCML files when they
installed packages ... )

I've added zope.pluggableauth to install_requires for the setup.py for
the grok package in SVN on trunk, so the next release candidate of
Grok 1.1 shouldn't exhibit this bug.

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