[Grok-dev] mini -sprint report

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Apr 15 11:53:35 EDT 2010

Hi there,

Tuesday and wednesday we had a mini-sprint in Rotterdam again. "We" was 
the same crew as last time: myself, Jan-Wijbrand, Jan Jaap and Sylvain. 
We were hoping to have Souheil there too this time around, but 
unfortunately he couldn't make it due to illness; we hope you're doing 
better, Souheil!

The sprint was mainly a continuation of the work we started back in 
january at the mini sprint then: detach Grok as much as possible from 
zope.app. The main way to do this was to detach a bunch of essential 
packages from zope.app.testing and zope.app.zcmlfiles. The main packages 

* zope.app.wsgi

* zope.app.startup

* zope.app.publication

We made progress on this: all the grokcore.* packages now do not pull in 
  zope.app.* packages anymore, except for the one above. Grok itself 
doesn't work yet though - we'll be going through tests to fix them.

In zope.app.wsgi a new testing infrastructure has emerged that replaces 
some of what is in zope.app.testing. The main thing is WSGI support for 
zope.testbrowser, which drives many of our tests. We talk to the WSGI 
application already supplied by zope.app.wsgi for functional tests too.

In our efforts, we discovered two packages that are being pulled in by 
tests that we can't easily get rid of:

* zope.app.exception

* zope.app.http

We spent some time trying to detach them from zope.app.testing and 
zope.app.zcmlfiles. For zope.app.http the zope.app.testing dependency is 
gone, but zope.app.zcmlfiles isn't, and more review is needed.

We've also spent time to improve grokproject. The focus is a "one way to 
do it" approach to starting up the application (through paster), and to 
prepare the ground for improvements to the way new Grok applications are 
installed. Tests were fixed, unneeded code was thrown away and backwards 
compatibility was considered.



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