[Grok-dev] file upload in a schema

David Marceau uticdmarceau2007 at yahoo.ca
Thu Apr 15 16:35:36 EDT 2010

To Mr. Faassen and all the other Grok developers,

I just want to say I appreciate all the work you have placed into grok.
It's all good stuff and it does merit more attention.


I must say, there are different recipes for installing grok at different
locations which perhaps need to be consolidated:
1)on launchpad there's a recipe to install grok which shows one way.  I
followed it and it didn't work.  I wasted time on this and gave me a
poor lasting first impression.
2)on grok.zope.org, there is a more elaborate recipe explaining
python2.5 dependencies which worked, but suprisingly broke my ubuntu
9.10 synaptic package installing.  Even worse, I didn't realize it until
it was too late.  I had to go search the web for kludge fix for this and
the least pain was to just cp /usr/bin/python2.6 /usr/bin/python as I
mentioned before.  The stuff mentioning about config alternatives python
still breaks ubuntu packages.  I had 3 different versions of python
installed for a while with the alternatives config pointing to
python2.5, but it broke ubuntu. When I tried getting it back to point to
python2.6, ubuntu 9.10 still complained.

>From where I stand, all docs should be pointing to grok.zope.org and no
recipes should be documented at launchpad.  It only adds to the confusion.

I have a question.  How do I add a file upload object as part of a
schema for an interface?

I'm trying to do the following interface, but grok/python complain about
the file_data variable:

class IAnomosTorrent(interface.Interface):
    title =
    kind = schema.Choice(title=u'Kind of
    description = schema.Text(title=u'Description',required=False)
    #file_data = zope.app.file.interfaces.IFile
    next_id = schema.Int(title=u'Next id',default=0)

I was hoping to have all of these fields appear in one web page properly
using your famous line of code:
form_fields = grok.AutoFields(IAnomosTorrent).omit('next_id')
Technically, if I understand correctly it would be a multi-part form
with one part for some fields for the text lines fields and other parts
for attached files.  I'm sure you have a solution for this already.

Thank you for listening.


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