[Grok-dev] file upload in a schema

Steve Schmechel steveschmechel at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 15 17:44:06 EDT 2010

Comments inline:

--- On Thu, 4/15/10, David Marceau <uticdmarceau2007 at yahoo.ca> wrote:

> ------------
> I must say, there are different recipes for installing grok
> at different
> locations which perhaps need to be consolidated:
> 1)on launchpad there's a recipe to install grok which shows
> one way.  I
> followed it and it didn't work.  I wasted time on this
> and gave me a
> poor lasting first impression.

We should definitely clean any conflicting sources that we have 
control over.  However, the only "official" and reviewed documentation 
is on grok.zope.org.

Documentation from a mailing list, bug tracking site, or someone's blog
needs to be considered carefully.  It would be difficult to track and
correct all that content.

Can you point out where on Launchpad you found installation instructions?

"Blueprints" are work being done on the documentation, not the 
documentation itself.  (The blueprints do link to the official 
and community documentation on the Grok site.)

> 2)on grok.zope.org, there is a more elaborate recipe
> explaining
> python2.5 dependencies which worked, but suprisingly broke
> my ubuntu
> 9.10 synaptic package installing.  Even worse, I
> didn't realize it until
> it was too late.  I had to go search the web for
> kludge fix for this and
> the least pain was to just cp /usr/bin/python2.6
> /usr/bin/python as I
> mentioned before.  The stuff mentioning about config
> alternatives python
> still breaks ubuntu packages.  I had 3 different
> versions of python
> installed for a while with the alternatives config pointing
> to
> python2.5, but it broke ubuntu. When I tried getting it
> back to point to
> python2.6, ubuntu 9.10 still complained.

If there is a spot in the documentation that recommends
adjusting the "alternatives" in Ubuntu, or changing your 
system Python in order to install and run Grok, please post
the link because that should not be there.



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