[Grok-dev] z3c.testsetup tests in Grok itself (Uli?)

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Mon Apr 26 11:07:07 EDT 2010

Hi there,

Uli Fouquet wrote:

> Hm, what makes you think the missing z.a.testing won't make a
> difference? I'm afraid this is exactly what causes the test failures.
> While z3c.testsetup does not strictly require z.a.testing generally, it
> requires it for functional tests (yet). The test-results look exactly
> like that to me.

Okay, I was wrong then. :) I thought it wasn't making a diffence as I 
wasn't getting import errors when z3c.testsetup tried to load 
zope.app.testing. Clearly there's something more subtle going on.

> There is still no support for the new functional test layers you (and
> Sylvain?) created recently for z.a.wsgi (great stuff, by the way. Many
> thanks for that!).

Sylvain did most of the work, so he should get most of the credit. :) 
And yeah, that's pretty cool stuff; it makes the functional/browser 
testing footprint of Grok a lot smaller.

>> There's also the general question about whether these tests should be 
>> retained within the Grok core itself; the tests itself claim that these 
>> are old and that there is better stuff in z3c.testsetup itself. That 
>> said, I'd like to *first* identify what change is causing these tests to 
>> break now, because that might be something we need to know about.
> I am relatively sure, that missing z.a.testing caused the failures.
> Overall I'm all for removing that pieces from grok. It's cleaner to use
> z3c.testsetup directly and would be one place less to spot in
> development. There is nothing you couldn't do with z3c.testsetup
> directly with a couple of code-lines.

Okay, I'll remove these tests from Grok, then, all right? Can I remove 
z3c.testsetup as a dependency of Grok itself too?

> Furthermore, nowadays there are better suited testing environments
> available (manuel and friends), so that next versions of z3c.testsetup
> will come with a focus on manuel support (and probably support for the
> new z.a.wsgi-based functional testing). 




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