[Grok-dev] References in ZODB

Achim Domma domma at procoders.net
Sat Aug 7 05:37:19 EDT 2010


I try to store hierarchical geo data about places into a ZODB. Because each place has a unique ID which will be used to access them, I have stored the place instances in a persistent dictionary. Now want to store the relation between places, i.e. the children of a place. At the moment I store the IDs of the children, not the children themselves. According to


storing the children themselves should be no problem. Is that right? A bigger cause for concern are neighbors: If two places are neighbors they would hold a reference to each other. In other languages this might cause trouble, so I wanted to ask, before doing stupid things! ;-)

Is it ok to use real objects instead of ids in the above scenario? Or will it cause trouble if I create circles in objects referencing each other?


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