[Grok-dev] getting the ball rolin' again: ZTK, zope.app.* and Grok-1.2

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Mon Aug 30 14:51:20 EDT 2010


It's been somehwat quite on the Grok-development-front. I know I have 
been at least :)

But holidays are over (in the Netherlands the weather drastically 
changed into autumn-ness...) and we could be working on great things again!

Of course we all need to find the time and energy for this. Let me try 
to summarize the current state of things. It is a course-grained 
overview, but maybe you can help fill in the details and some kind of 

* ZTK-1.0 - The ZTK-releaseteam is working towards a 1.0 release. This 
release will be the first official ZTK as a basis to work from for other 

Of course Grok has been using the ZTK for quite a while now already so 
even with the release nothing will change very drastically. Still there 
are some issues that are of interest to us:

   1) The ZTK-1.0 will have several zope.app.* package in the
      "deprecated" list already. The goal is to move all zope.app.*
      packages to the deprecated eventually. This aligns with our
      work to free Grok from zope.app.*.

   2) However, there are two zope.app.* packages that Grok depends
      on that somehow need to be renamed or refactored into common
      zope.* packages: zope.app.wsgi and zope.app.appsetup.

   3) The ZTK still has several test failures that occur only on
      Windows. If there are people that actively use Windows as
      a development platform that are willing to help out fixing
      these bug, the ZTK releaseteam and as a result Grok will be
      greately helped. If you want to help out, please let me know!

* Freeing Grok from zope.app.* dependencies. This work still needs to be 
finished. A lot of work has already gone into this and it is not the 
most fun work you could think of, but we need to finish it. Could I ask 
someone that has a somewhat clear overview of what needs to be done, to 
start a new thread about this particular topic?

* Towards 1.2: Besides the zope.app.* work, there a number of grokcore.* 
branches and related work that needs to be merged with Grok. Again, we 
need to have a separate thread about this topic, listing the todo items, 
and hopefully people that want to work on it.

* Bugs: launchpad lists numerous bugs that we need to work on. Plain and 

* Features? This is of course the most interesting part! Do we have 
features planned that really should be worked on soon? I do know of the 
ambitious plan around "A new publisher".

The discussions about this topic sound very interesting. I can imagine 
though we also have more "down to earth" features, that we would like to 
see added to Grok. Or maybe we regard Grok as somewhat complete?

This is my course-grained overview, details and additions are highly 
appreciated. Do consider though to open separate discussion threads if 
the topic is "bigger" than just adding to the overview. This will make 
following the discussions easier.

Kind regards, jw

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