[Grok-dev] Dolmen and folderlisting

Noe Nieto [http://percepcionunitaria.org]] tzicatl at gmail.com
Sun Dec 5 23:49:13 EST 2010

Hi all,

I finally made a basic app with dolmen and grok 1.2. This app is a just a
Container of Images. Adding and displaying images works fine, but when I
click on "Folder Listing" for the container, nothing happens.

Do Dolmen have a default view for containers? or do I have to I create it?

Noe Nieto

El experto que trabaja por cambios políticos, sociales y económicos SIN
PERCEPCIÓN UNITARIA, solo crea más dolor y divisiones sobre la tierra.

The expert who works for political, social and economical changes WITHOUT
UNITARY PERCEPTION, will only create more pain and divisions on the earth.
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