[Grok-dev] Merging of the long standing branch shared_template_registry in grokcore.view

Sylvain Viollon sylvain at infrae.com
Tue Dec 7 12:32:44 EST 2010


  Today, with the help of J-W and J-J, we merged the branch
  shared_template_registry into the trunk of grokcore.view.

  This branch fixes the unwanted warnings triggered by the use of a
  shared template directory between two or more Python modules with the
  help of grok.templatedir.

  Well, it almost fix it, as you still have warnings if that
  shared directory contains templates that are only associated with the

  template = grok.PageTemplate(filename='...')

  On your component (this case might be tricky to fix due to lack of
  API in the template story).

  This merge changed how components uses templates. So we had to update
  the following packages:


  Now, those packages uses a dedicated TemplateGrokker that do the
  association between the template and the component, that is defined
  into grokcore.view and which is much more easy to use and understand.

  So if more changes are required on that topic, hopefully we should
  only have to update grokcore.view and not all those packages like we
  did today.

  None of them are released yet.



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