[Grok-dev] Anyone tried PyPy with Grok?

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Fri Dec 10 17:39:14 EST 2010

On 12/03/2010 07:10 PM, Sebastian Ware wrote:
> Just curious if someone has had success using PyPy to run Grok and if it works and improves performance notably.
>   http://codespeak.net/pypy/dist/pypy/doc/

There are a few large hurdles to overcome first:

* we have various C modules such as zope.interface that won't work with 
PyPy. Now there are plain python version of many of these, but that'd 
need to be enabled and tested. And what about the ZODB? unfortunately we 
have much code that goes very deep into Python internals. I do know that 
people have hacked the ZTK to work on the google app engine which 
doesn't allow custom C modules, but they used the app engine storage.

* buildout doesn't work with PyPy 1.4 yet. I'm testing it with PyPy 
trunk in the context of another project, and hopefully we'll make 
progress there.

I am experimenting with PyPy in general a little bit, but it'll be a 
long way off before Grok works with PyPy. Perhaps someone is 
experimenting with making the ZTK run on PyPy - you could ask in zope-dev.



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