[Grok-dev] PyPy

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed Dec 22 09:18:44 EST 2010

Hi there,

Recently we had a discussion concerning PyPy and Grok. One thing that 
came up was the following:

 > buildout doesn't work with PyPy 1.4 yet. I'm testing it with PyPy
 > trunk in the context of another project, and hopefully we'll make
 > progress there.

I reported some bugs to PyPy. They've released PyPy 1.4.1, and this 
fixes all buildout-related bugs, so that buildout (with distribute, pypy 
bootstrap.py -d) now works out of the box!

PyPy now works with Fanstatic out of the box too, if you disable the 
pycov plugin for pytest (as that's a C extension).

It now is more feasible to start tackling converting other projects to 
PyPy. There is still a bit of a holdup as PyPy only supports Python 2.5 
right now, but I expect a release of a Python 2.7 version to be a few 
months away.

Interesting projects to experiment with would be zope.interface (does 
the plain Python version work with PyPy?) and the ZODB. I expect 
especially the latter to be challenging. Once those are working a 
version of Grok that worked with PyPy is in sight (with some intense 
hacking elsewhere, there are more C extensions around).



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