[Grok-dev] Dolmen: won't override FolderListing view

Noe Nieto [http://percepcionunitaria.org]] tzicatl at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 02:54:35 EST 2010

Hi grok,

While working on a dolmen app, I wanted to override the folderlisting for a
Dolmen Site.

from dolmen.app.site import Dolmen

class Locaciones(Dolmen):
    title= _(u"Cinezune")

from dolmen.app.container import listing

class LocacionesFolderListing(listing.FolderListing):
    #it just doesn't take it : why?
    label = _("Listado de locaciones")

When visiting http://localhost:8080/Locaciones/folderlisting I only get the
default dolmen layout, a <h1>Content of the folder</h1> title and an empty
<div/> element. And no matter what I put on my app's app_templates/
locacionesfolderlisting.pt file, it does not get displayed.

What I'm doing wrong?

Noe Nieto

El experto que trabaja por cambios políticos, sociales y económicos SIN
PERCEPCIÓN UNITARIA, solo crea más dolor y divisiones sobre la tierra.

The expert who works for political, social and economical changes WITHOUT
UNITARY PERCEPTION, will only create more pain and divisions on the earth.
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