[Grok-dev] howto run python scripts with grok application

Lacko Roman rlacko at gratex.com
Mon Jan 4 02:37:25 EST 2010

Thanks Alberto,

this is what i needed :) it would be great to have this on grok page as simple tutorial.

BTW: Do you know gocept.runner ? Could it be used for such task ?

- Roman

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>>>>> "Lacko" == Lacko Roman <rlacko at gratex.com> writes:

    Lacko> Hi, In zope2 it is possible to run custom scripts with
    Lacko> command like "bin/instance run myscript.py" (In myscript.py i
    Lacko> want to import some object to ZODB)

i do this by preparing stuff this whay:

* code the script as a normal package module, with its "main()" entry
  point to do the usual cmdline processing and the startup of zope
  configuration, which is, ripped from other code:

            import zope.app.wsgi
            db = zope.app.wsgi.config(zope_conf_filepath)

  then get your application as it was looked up by publishing

            connection = db.open()
            from zope.app.publication.zopepublication import ZopePublication
            root = connection.root()[ZopePublication.root_name]
            application = root[application_name]

            from zope.app.component.hooks import setSite

            # do your job with the application

            import transaction

* add an entry to you buildout.cfg so that an executable will be
  created for you under bin/ which has all the imports needed and that
  all what it does is to call your main()

  recipe = z3c.recipe.dev:script
  eggs = needed_egg1 needed_egg2
  module = the.library.import.path.to.your.module
  method = main

  then add your_script_name to the parts entry;

* The app should have a zeo setup so that you can have both 2 processes
  accessing the database, the wsgi web app and the process script. This
  is optional, otherwise you have to stop the web app and then run your

hope it helps


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