[Grok-dev] Simple AJAX question

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed Jan 6 10:15:03 EST 2010


No time to answer your other questions, but I can quickly answer these:

Hannes wrote:

> I'm thankful for recommendations for existing JavaScript libraries. I've 
> almost no experience with that kind of stuff.

I'll talk about what I know.

jquery is nice and very popular. YUI is also nice and popular. jquery 
has a *lot* of community activity and plugins and whatnot, and a nice 
simple API. Drawback is that you have to go hunt for lots of widgets and 
extensions yourself (but do look at jqueryui).

YUI has everything in one place and there's a lot of it, but has less 
community stuff and has a more involved API that's less pleasant to use. 
I'd recommend YUI 2.0 for now as YUI 3.0 is still under development and 
has less widgets.

You can just put these javascript libraries in 'static' and refer to 
them manually. We also have automated Grok integration stuff for both 
these packages; you need to depend on hurry.yui or hurry.jquery 
(optionally hurry.jqueryui) in setup.py to get one of these libraries 
installed (and rerun buildout). You can then use megrok.resource to use 


(you can look up the hurry.* packages too by editing the pypi path I 
gave up there)



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