[Grok-dev] view predicates in Grok?

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed Jan 6 12:54:41 EST 2010

Souheil CHELFOUH wrote:
> This is interesting, this whole predicate stuff, but, technically and
> very concreatly, where would we plug that ?
> Views, as multi adapters, are fetched through the classical publisher
> mechanism, how can we plug our own modifications, without messing up
> too deep into the machine ?
> Grokcore.view, up to now, is mostly a way to not write zcml and
> doesn't do much more. This is an extra step, isn't it ?
> What would it affect, effectively ?

It's a good question. That's the next thing we need to think about. 
We're going to need to mess around with the publication process. It may 
be we need to make a big step there to support this, but I want us to do 
some serious thinking about publication anyway.

Note though that if we wanted to *hack* something we may be able to get 
it working by changing publication.py in Grok. That wouldn't work with 
grokcore.View though, only with Grok. And I'd rather actually get rid of 
that stuff somehow rather than extend it with more complication if at 
all possible.



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