[Grok-dev] Get default directive

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed Jan 6 19:29:57 EST 2010


Paul Wilson wrote:
> As part of my Manuel fakemodule integration into martian, I've been
> looking at the martian 'get_default' stuff that's been worked on
> recently. As a reminder, the code searches a component's MRO to find
> module directives that might apply to its parents. One thing that I've
> noticed is that many classes inherit from 'object' at the top of their
> inheritance tree, which causes martian to scan __builtin__ for
> directives. I think its quite safe to check if the module is
> __builtin__ and skip it -- this would save a bit of time and, more
> importantly, allow all tests to pass on my martian branch ;-)
> Thoughts?

+1. Thanks very much for penetrating this logic, I'm glad we have a few 
more people in the world who understand this now. Impressive!

Increases the rather low bus factor of that code!




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