[Grok-dev] File Upload with Tramline

Jasper Spaans j at jasper.es
Tue Jan 12 02:49:48 EST 2010

Op 11 jan 2010, om 20:07 heeft Hannes het volgende geschreven:

> I've another concern. I played a little bit with Tramline and HurryFile.
> How do I get a upload widget? How do I handle the remote file transfer 
> from the client to the server?
> Is this all done automatically? The HurryFile sample code from PyPi has 
> some gaps... :-(

Have a look at https://secure.jasper.es/svn/tempthing/trunk/ , this shows how to do file uploads using megrok.forms. It _should_ run on recent versions of grok, but I haven't tested that.

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