[Grok-dev] megrok.rdb, Oracle, and views.

Jeffrey D Peterson bgpete at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 10:12:38 EST 2010



I am trying to work with megrok.rdb to connect to our Oracle DB and I am
running into some issues.  


First some background:


                Grok 1.0

                megrok.rdb 0.10.0

                sqlalchemy 0.5.7 (and also 0.6beta1,  though the issues are
the same)

                python 2.5.4


I have it all working except for my most important use case,  "reflecting"
views.  Now that terminology is weak since you can't really reflect a view.
You can, however, define the view as a class using Table(), defining the
columns, and declaring a PK etc.  What you don't want to do in this case is
create the table, which is exactly what megrok.rdb tries to do by default.


Is there some configuration flag or parameter to only map the class and not
go ahead and create the tables?  Maybe something to pass to __table_args__
like with "schema".  





Jeffrey D Peterson


Crary Industries, Inc.

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