[Grok-dev] Gathering feedbacks

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Fri Jan 15 08:17:40 EST 2010

Hey Souheil,

I'm one who should be sending more feedback. I am going to focus my 
attention more on Grok this coming period (away from the zope.* stuff as 
much as I can), so I hope I'll find some more time.

One of the best ways for me to generate feedback is to have a chance to 
use your packages in my own projects. So far I've only succeeded with 
megrok.layout, but since it worked I have relatively little feedback. :)

megrok.resource will follow very shortly, I hope. The main point of 
feedback I have there right now is that the documentation should mention 
the '.need()' construction. While megrok.resource allows you to avoid 
this for views it's still very convenient to be able to use .need() in a 

Thank you also for bringing up such important community issues. Having 
an awareness of what makes our community work better is very important.

Note to people who want to contribute but aren't sure how: documentation 
is always an *excellent* way to contribute. A good signal documentation 
is needed is when you have to ask a question on this mailing list about 
something. Once you figured out how to do something in your application, 
tame an application, etc, it would be very helpful if you could add that 
material to some document somewhere, or create a new document of your own!

Perhaps a good way to gather attention for packages that we think are 
interesting and we'd like feedback for is to more prominently highlight 
interesting packages on grok.zope.org. We could do this one by one with 
a "spotlight on". This would go off to a short page describing the 
package. We can gather the previous spotlights in a page of itself.

We can then also expand this page:


with links to spotlights.

An easy way to start "spotlight on" is to simply send them to grok-dev. 
Then I'm sure some volunteer will format it and create a spotlight area. 
I'll start off right away.



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