[Grok-dev] File Upload with Tramline

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Tue Jan 19 02:57:52 EST 2010

On 1/19/10 08:36 , Hannes wrote:
> Hi Martijn,
> Sorry for that long silence, its just a side project I'm working on and
> I don't have more than one day per week...
> Anyway, I don't want to store the files that get uploaded in the ZODB
> not at all! That's why I thought Tramline would be cool, cause I think
> that's the idea of Tramline (when I got it right).
> One reason for this is, that I need direct access to the files on the
> filesystem.

ZODB BLOBs are stored as separate files on the filesystem, so you get to 
have your cake and eat it too :)


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