[Grok-dev] LoginDemo - note or fix required

Kathy Manwaring kathy at perfectnotes.com.au
Thu Jan 21 17:19:26 EST 2010

Hi all,

Having just struggled with this, could someone please at least put a note
in the readme.txt for this entry in grokapps (and PlainLoginDemo too).

Currently, when you easy_install grokproject, it sets up with Grok 1.0.
BUT the default security sets up zope.Anybody with zope.View, when it
needs to be zope.Everybody when using Grok 1.0 (as I found out eventually
thanks to records of this mailing list...)

So please either change the site.zcml.in file in the demo app, OR at least
put a note in the readme.txt that if you are using Grok 1.0, you need to
change the site.zcml.in yourself.

This will save anyone else from testing the demo app and having a
mysterious 'Unauthorised' error appear. (I then wasted another day trying
to find another demo with security included, but of course they all have
the same code, as this works if you have the background setup correct!)


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