[Grok-dev] mass ping - grokui.admin

Souheil CHELFOUH trollfot at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 13:11:51 EST 2010

Hello grokkers,

I wrote a mail about this already, but I think it has fallen into some
bottomless pit.
So, here is my plea again :
I have refactored grokui.admin, to make it smaller and a bit simplier.
It's far from perfect, yet, but I think we need to discuss what
"grokui" is supposed to be.
It used to be a way to simply add an application and to be able to
browse objects in an introspector.
During the Cologne sprint, we decided to temporarly part from the
introspector, to focus on the simple CRUD application admin.
Where do we stand now, about this ?
I think i'm part of the advanced users of Grok and I never had a
single need of the intropsector.
it looks cool and it's pretty, but is it useful ? Do we want it out of the box ?

if we do, what should we do about it ? What should I base the
forthcoming introspector on ?
if we don't, I need to clean a bit the code base, and we have a nice
grokui base (including grokui.base and grokui.admin).

The current admin (0.3.2) is simply not good enough, as it pulls out
all the packages we wanted to get rid of with the zope.app move.
I think we need to focus a bit on that package, as it's the very first
glimpse people get of Grok, when they try it out.

I'd like us, community people, to think about a schedule and a move
for this package.
I don't mind coding it, but, honestly, right now, I feel a bit lost as
I don't really have a goal.

Thank you for reading my whining
I hope I'll get LOADS of feedback on that
At least one, to give me a hint on what's expected :)

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