[Grok-dev] getting Grok serving remotely

Thomas Graf thomas.graf at ise.fraunhofer.de
Mon Jan 25 02:38:25 EST 2010

your instnce listens only for connections comming from your local
server. Change IP in the section server:main in your deploy.ini from to and rerun buildout.


Thomas Graf

J. Cameron Cooper wrote:
> I'm trying to get Grok running on a remote server (an Amazon EC2 one).
> Now, a Zope 2 one I would expect that once it's up on 8080 I'd be able
> to get there with the public IP:8080, but I'm not able to do this with
> my new Grok instance. I know it's not the firewalling, since I can get
> another server running on 8080 and see it fine, but with Grok running
> (with Paster) on 8080, I get the connection refused from the public IP.
> I know it's running, since I can load it with lynx from the server (as
> <>).
> I notice that when strating it claims that:
> Starting server in PID XXXX.
> serving on <>
> Is it only going to allow connections to this specific name that it's
> serving? I tried to change this in the etc/deploy.ini in the
> [server:main] section, but it doesn't seem to pay attention to that, and
> I don't see any other '' in etc.
> Is there something I need to do to get this thing serving the outside world?
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