[Grok-dev] Getting zc.z3monitor going in Grok

Jeroen Michiel jmichiel at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 28 06:02:18 EST 2010

I am indeed using paster. (am I wrong, or did I read somewhere that paster
would be the de facto standard to run grok, and that others would no longer
be supported?)

Apparently, zope.app.wsgi never does any
zope.app.appsetup.product.setProductConfigurations call, while
zope.app.server does. Is this intentional, or just an oversight?

If this shouldn't be done in zope.app.wsgi, how do I get it running in

Christian Klinger wrote:
> Hi Jeroen,
> i guess you use paster for starting your instance.
> It's only a shot in the blue, but i belive this configuration will only
> work in a zserver environment.
> Christian
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to get zc.z3monitor going on a grok 1.1a2 project.
>> I added it as dependency in setup.py, added
>> <product-config zc.z3monitor>
>>      port 8888
>> </product-config>
>> to the 'extra = ' line in buildout.cfg, so it ends up inside the
>> zope.conf
>> after a buildout.
>> But I can't connect to port 8888, and netstat tells me there's no service
>> running on that port
>> Apparently the line
>> config = zope.app.appsetup.product.getProductConfiguration(__name__)
>> in the initialize function of zc.z3monitor returns None, and bails out
>> Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
>> Is zope.app.appsetup no longer supported, or do I need to do somethig
>> special to get it going?
>> Any help appreciated!
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