[Grok-dev] Problem with grok.AddForm, grok.Adapter and widgets

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Fri Jan 29 14:54:44 EST 2010

Hannes wrote:
> I've some problem with a schema.Object field when I wanna use grok.AddForm.
> Seems like I've to write an Adapter class...?, but unfortunately I don't 
> know how.... :-(

Hm, it works for edit forms, right? I guess the tricky bit is that you 
need objects of the right type to be constructed with an add form. With 
an edit form you don't care, you just need to edit the object according 
to its schema, whatever object it may be.

I think I've made it work in the past when I *don't* provide a custom 
object to create, i.e. I have no Version or Product, but just rely on 
the default ObjectWidget to create a default one for me.

Could you show your Version or Product implementation? It looks to me 
like these expect multiple arguments to create them. If you changed them 
to take no arguments (or created factory functions to do that), 
ObjectWidget should be able to create them (call self.factory()). 
Looking at the ObjectWidget implementation it should then set the 
attributes from your schema directly.



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