[Grok-dev] future sprint opportunities

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Tue Jul 6 10:14:31 EDT 2010

Hey Uli,

On 07/06/2010 01:54 PM, Uli Fouquet wrote:
[2 days after europython]
> Will there also be a Grok-dedicated sprint? If yes, then it again will
> only be two days, right? So, anybody interested in doing a sprint there?

I'd be happy to sprint on Grok there, so if there are enough people 
we'll have 2 days of Grok sprint. :)

> I happily accepted a friendly invitation to this place for one day and
> explored it a bit deeper. As a result I'd say that it is not impossible
> to do a sprint there, but it will be less comfy compared to Cologne. We
> would have to share a DSL connection with limited bandwith (2 MBit
> downstream, 512 KBit upstream), a kitchen and a large central room.

With a bit of care 2mbit down will at least be doable - we might want to 
put up our own local pypi cache though (anyone know how?).

We could also look for a bit of sponsorship to boost their bandwidth.
One consideration bit of sponsorship and use it to upgrade their 
bandwidth (for a year or whatever the minimal period is). That depends 
on pricing though; any idea about the options at that location?

 > We would not have a second room to split in workgroups or similar.

What would be the maximum people that would fit in the house comfortably 
for sprinting? We can simply make it exclusive. :)

> The house is very solid, very old (few centuries) and surrounded by a
> large beautiful garden and forrests. It's heated by underfloor heating
> and one or two fireplaces (yes, real fireplaces with woodfiring). We
> could use up to two bedrooms in the house, but there are also a hostel
> and a hotel (at least the hostel with very reasonable prices) in
> footwalking distance.
> A real problem is the location far away from public transport, shops,
> etc. The next train station is about 20 mins away by car. That means,
> that we would have to do self-catering and also transport has to be
> self-managed.

We'd need to organize some kind of shuttle service for incoming 
sprinters; perhaps we'd have enough cars available.

So we need to get organized:

* shuttle service volunteers to help people get to and from the station

* shuttle service volunteers to help obtain food

* volunteer cooks

* updating the wiki and such

(anything else?)

As I said above, sponsors would also be useful. :)

As to cultural stuff, I'd like to make use of the 5 days of sprinting as 
much as possible, so it'd be nice if we could somehow organize something 
half-day or so in the neighborhood so we make optimal use of our time.

> Overall I'd say: if we find one or two others persons willing to do the
> organisational part together with me (preferable with cars), we could
> have a 1-week sprint in mid-October. I'd be happy if that would
> happen :-)

I'm hoping we can get our community organized enough!



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