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Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Tue Jul 6 14:16:59 EDT 2010

Hi there,

Martijn Faassen wrote:

> On 07/06/2010 01:54 PM, Uli Fouquet wrote:


> > I happily accepted a friendly invitation to this place for one day and
> > explored it a bit deeper. As a result I'd say that it is not impossible
> > to do a sprint there, but it will be less comfy compared to Cologne. We
> > would have to share a DSL connection with limited bandwith (2 MBit
> > downstream, 512 KBit upstream), a kitchen and a large central room.
> With a bit of care 2mbit down will at least be doable - we might want to 
> put up our own local pypi cache though (anyone know how?).
> We could also look for a bit of sponsorship to boost their bandwidth.
> One consideration bit of sponsorship and use it to upgrade their 
> bandwidth (for a year or whatever the minimal period is). That depends 
> on pricing though; any idea about the options at that location?

I was told that they already have the maximum bandwidth provided by
local providers. It's the maximum offered in far-off places like these.
But I'll check back.

>  > We would not have a second room to split in workgroups or similar.
> What would be the maximum people that would fit in the house comfortably 
> for sprinting? We can simply make it exclusive. :)

Well, the main hall is really large. They had to store lots of cattle
there in former times ;-)

I'd say: at least 8 people, with some extra-tables maybe 12 or 15. It
would help, at least for planning shuttle-service and similar, to limit
the maximum number of participants. Maybe 12?

> > The house is very solid, very old (few centuries) and surrounded by a
> > large beautiful garden and forrests. It's heated by underfloor heating
> > and one or two fireplaces (yes, real fireplaces with woodfiring). We
> > could use up to two bedrooms in the house, but there are also a hostel
> > and a hotel (at least the hostel with very reasonable prices) in
> > footwalking distance.
> >
> > A real problem is the location far away from public transport, shops,
> > etc. The next train station is about 20 mins away by car. That means,
> > that we would have to do self-catering and also transport has to be
> > self-managed.
> We'd need to organize some kind of shuttle service for incoming 
> sprinters; perhaps we'd have enough cars available.

Yes, in this case that would be crucial.

> So we need to get organized:
> * shuttle service volunteers to help people get to and from the station
> * shuttle service volunteers to help obtain food
> * volunteer cooks
> * updating the wiki and such
> (anything else?)

If we get all this organized, I'll be glad to care for the remaining
stuff (and, of course, also do my part in the above topics). Cooks would
really be nice, as we really want at least some lunch every day
(breakfast is offered in the nearby hotel/hostel) and there is no Pizza
delivery around! But I think this could also be fun.

> As I said above, sponsors would also be useful. :)

Yes, of course. I cannot spend much money this year personally, but
Aroldo is already in contact with several people, AFAICT. I think this
looks good.

> As to cultural stuff, I'd like to make use of the 5 days of sprinting as 
> much as possible, so it'd be nice if we could somehow organize something 
> half-day or so in the neighborhood so we make optimal use of our time.

As "cultural places" are also a bit far-off and transportation will be
tricky, we might need a whole day for that. But I'll leave that up to
Aroldos capable hands. Maybe he would like to speak up himself?

> > Overall I'd say: if we find one or two others persons willing to do the
> > organisational part together with me (preferable with cars), we could
> > have a 1-week sprint in mid-October. I'd be happy if that would
> > happen :-)
> I'm hoping we can get our community organized enough!

Hope so too :-) But I see no problem, if everybody is willing to help
just a little bit. Sharing the load, everything will become a piece of
cake, really.

Best regards,


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