[Grok-dev] Volunteers wanted as contacts for #grok channel

Roger Erens roger.erens at e-s-c.biz
Thu Jul 8 04:34:35 EDT 2010

on 19-05-10 10:29 Jan-Wijbrand Kolman wrote:
> On 5/19/10 10:19 , Michael Haubenwallner wrote:
>>> I started the registration process to have #grok and #grok-* as
>>> channel names; the application is in the review queue now. When that's
>>> done, I'll get back to y'all such that you can register yourself as
>>> alternate contact.
>> Hi, is there any progress on the registration?

a short progress report. As can be read in


there may be a backlog in processing Group Registration Forms (GRFs) of
months, if not _years_. But they hope to pick up the priority GRFs in
the coming weeks.
I'm not sure if our GRF falls into the priority group, but I sent
grfprocess at freenode.net an e-mail nonetheless. I hope they will give
me an answer in some weeks/months.

If we really want the topic of the channel to change, we need to
politely ask everybody to leave the channel and rejoin again after we've
made an announcement on this list and our blog.
Please give me some votes whether to start doing this or not (yet).


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