[Grok-dev] extends-cache and log directories

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Thu Jul 8 10:37:50 EDT 2010

On 7/8/10 16:34 , Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Hi there,
> At first sight, it looks like we have two new things to svn:ignore with
> the new grokproject layout: 'log' and 'extends-cache'.
> But since I think either directory isn't actually automatically
> *created* by SVN, and thus building out or starting grok fails if you
> don't have these directories available, we'll have to check them in. But
> not their contents. That's annoying.
> Could it be made so that these directories are automatically by buildout
> if they aren't around? That would allow me to ignore both of them, at
> least. But perhaps there's another solution instead:
> I was wondering why extends-cache at least can't go into 'parts'. That
> way I can count on my existing 'svn:ignore' for 'parts'. That's assuming
> its contents should never be checked in.

You'ld have to check parts in - I suspect extends-cache is used before 
anything creates a parts directory. I'm tempted to suggest that if you 
move it var/ might be a better place than parts/, but I don't have any 
useful reasoning for that.


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