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Souheil CHELFOUH trollfot at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 06:46:28 EDT 2010

Dolmens sound good :p

2010/7/9 Uli Fouquet <uli at gnufix.de>:
> Hi there,
> Martijn Faassen wrote:
>> On 07/06/2010 08:16 PM, Uli Fouquet wrote:
>> [bandwidth]
>> > I was told that they already have the maximum bandwidth provided by
>> > local providers. It's the maximum offered in far-off places like these.
>> > But I'll check back.
>> Yeah, I was afraid of that. But do please check. In any case, I think we
>> can live with such bandwidth.
> Checked back. The downstream rate is 3 MBit (not 2) but the upstream is
> really only 512 KBit and in fact the maximum rate offered. They already
> pay double-rate compared to prices in cities (and would have paid more
> already if they could only get more bandwidth, but that seems not to be
> possible) :-/
>> > I'd say: at least 8 people, with some extra-tables maybe 12 or 15. It
>> > would help, at least for planning shuttle-service and similar, to limit
>> > the maximum number of participants. Maybe 12?
>> Sure, let's aim for 12 then. I think we should send out a few special
>> invitations to people active in the Grok community. Listing some that I
>> don't think I've ever met at a sprint, for instance Sebastian Ware and
>> Jeroen Michiel.
> Yep, would be nice to meet them :-)
> I talked to Bories from Fafalter (our maybe-hosts) and he too thinks
> that 12 people should be able to work and eat there, while for really
> comfortable working with enough space for everybody, probably a maximum
> number of 10 people would fit better. So, I'm considering to lower the
> recommended-person-number to 10.
>> >> As to cultural stuff, I'd like to make use of the 5 days of sprinting as
>> >> much as possible, so it'd be nice if we could somehow organize something
>> >> half-day or so in the neighborhood so we make optimal use of our time.
>> >
>> > As "cultural places" are also a bit far-off and transportation will be
>> > tricky, we might need a whole day for that. But I'll leave that up to
>> > Aroldos capable hands. Maybe he would like to speak up himself?
>> Perhaps the cultural stuff could be placed in the wood itself somehow;
>> is there a museum of the defeat of the Romans by the Germans, for
>> instance? That might bring it back to a more reasonable distance. Sprint
>> time is precious as we don't have it a lot, so I'd prefer to get 4.5
>> days of sprint time from people instead of 4.
> From what I learned, there is no museum or similar nearby. Tourists
> staying at Bad Essen normally seem to do walking-tours through the woods
> or visit the not-too-far-away castles (one belonging to the anchestors
> of our maybe-host). There are, however, some dolmen (megalithic tombs)
> around and some original footprints of dinosaurs (no mammoths,
> unfortunately; would have been splendid to see traces of Manfred
> entering a cave ;-) not too far away (half an hour by car). The latters
> might be not a big sight but they're probably close enough to manage a
> visit within half a day, I think.
> Best regards,
> --
> Uli
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