[Grok-dev] jQuery Ajax and Grok

Daniel Lyons fusion at storytotell.org
Sun Jul 11 03:39:51 EDT 2010


Forgive me if this is an obvious question. I'm working through the excellent book "Grok 1.0 Web Development." I have used many frameworks on many platforms and the one constant since about 2008 for me has been jQuery. Everything seems to be working great except I am not sure what to do to make jQuery aware of the URLs that Grok is generating. As an example from the book, there's this code:

<input type="checkbox" tal:define="check_url python:view.url('check')" tal:attributes="onclick string:checkItem('${check_url}?list_index=${repeat/todolist/index...

In my code, to make things unobtrusive, I have the following:

<input class="check" type="checkbox" name="items:list" tal:attributes="checked item/checked"/>

Then in my todo.js file I have some code that basically looks like this:


What's bugging me is that I have hard-coded 'check' URL in the jQuery. I'd rather use Grok's URL, but I'd like to remain unobtrusive. Is there a good solution to this problem?


Daniel Lyons

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