[Grok-dev] Manipulating the Grok ZODB via Script.

jure jcerjak at termitnjak.si
Mon Jul 19 12:24:58 EDT 2010

On 07/17/2010 05:36 PM, Jan-Wijbrand Kolman wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I tried this script method, the method with an event handler for the
>> ObjectCreated event of the application and creating the objects in
>> __init__ method of my app, but in all cases the newly created objects
>> didn't get an IntId assigned, which happens normally if I create an
>> object with an AddForm. I thought that maybe I have to trigger the
>> appropriate events manually with grok.notify, but that didn't help. Can
>> you help a brother out?
> Isn't it the ObjectAddedEvent that'll trigger the intid assignment? So,
> what happens if you add the object you created in the script, to a
> container?
> regards, jw
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ok, i'm getting some weird KeyError-s, if I try to create a container in 
the script, which I run with bin/interactive_debugger.

root = conn.root()
myapp = root['myapp']
myapp['newfolder'] = grok.Container()

throws KeyError: u'newfolder' .

I would rather run this setup code in an event handler anyway, so guess 
I should wait for the new grok release and the 
grok.IApplicationInitializedEvent ? Creating new objects in the 
ObjectAdded or ObjectCreated event handler for the app probably isn't 
the best idea. The ObjectAddedEvent is fired when I add the objects to a 
container, but something else goes wrong along the way, because they 
don't get an IntId..
Is it possible to use the new grok.admin without breaking something else?



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