[Grok-dev] schema.Object

Souheil CHELFOUH trollfot at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 08:45:51 EDT 2010

grok.implements only just declares the implementation, it does not do
it for you.
You might want to declare the attributes explicitly, with FieldProperty.

from zope.schema.fieldproperty import FieldProperty

class FooField(grok.Model):

   attr1 = FieldProperty(IFooField["attr1"])

Then, this class will be instanciated by the widget and persisted.
Is that clear enough ?

For automatic implements => attrs creation, you can have a look at

- Souheil

2010/7/21 Sascha Boch <sascha.boch at gmx.de>:
> Ok, and grok.implements(IFooField) is not sufficient for this? What else do
> I need to do? And from what class does FooField need to inherit?
> Thanks again,
> Sascha
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